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English Tudor Stucco Homes


Customers choose Fiber Cement Stucco Panel Siding when they want the look and feel of real stucco for a fraction the cost of the original English Tudor stucco homes.   Fiber Cement Stucco Panel Siding looks just like troweled stucco!  It’s paintable, stainable, and comes with  a 30 year transferable product warranty & 15 year factory paint finish warranty.

Fiber cement panel siding is a perfect choice when replacing old deteriorated wood based panel siding, or when you want to remodel with the beauty and charm of stucco, but the strength, safety , durability, & lower cost that only fiber cement stucco panel siding can offer.  Available in smooth, stucco, and natural wood textures.

Fiber Cement Board Siding features:

  • Factory pre-finishing in a wide range of colors
  • Scratch resistant
  • Resists insect & woodpecker damage
  • Non-Combustible ( fire-proof )
  • Resists damage from cold windy weather
  • Resists damage from wet humid weather
  • Resists damage from impact
  • Resists cracking
  • Up to a 30-year limited product warranty as well as a 15 year factory painted finish warranty

James Hardie is the leading manufacture of fiber cement products.

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Fiber cement English Tudor stucco panel siding Cincinnati Ohio

This English Tudor Stucco home is typical of the majority of Tudor home designs in the greater Cincinnati Ohio area.    Our local Contractors have installed thousands of fiber cement panels in stucco, smooth, cedar texture, & sierra.   This home has James Hardie stucco panels & Mira-tec trim boards.  The customer decided to leave the existing cedar overhangs ( Eves ) in place to reduce cost.  The Mira-tec trim is a more durable material that also offers a 25 year factory paint finish warranty thats far superior to traditional cedar boards which require painting every 3 - 5 years.   This job is located in West Chester, Ohio near Cox Rd. north of Cincinnati.

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English Tudor Stucco panel Home Remodel Dayton, OH

This English Tudor located in Springboro, OH near Dayton has James Hardie Stucco panels & Mira-tec trim.  This is picture 1 of 3.

English Tudor House Springboro Ohio fiber cement stucco panel Dayton

Picture 2 of 3.  Prior to Stucco panels a water barrier gets installed on all homes.

Picture 3 of 3.  English Tudor House James Hardie Stucco Panel Boards with Mira-Tec cedar texture trim boards.


English Tudor Stucco Panels Cincinati Ohio contractor

This English Tudor Condo Complex is one of 24 buildings.  We are installing James Hardie fiber cement Stucco panels, James Hardie fiber cement soffits & Mira-tec trim.  This job is located in Colerain, Ohio

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James Hardie English Tudor Home West Chester Ohio Contractors

English Tudor home located in West Chester, Ohio near Dimmick Rd. north of Cincinnati.  James Hardie Stucco panels, new overhangs, gutters, & Mira-tec trim.  We also replaced all the 2nd floor windows & front door.

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James Hardie English Tudor Stucco Cincinnati Ohio Contractors

This English Tudor home is located near Route 42 in West Chester, Ohio north of Cincinnati.  James Hardie Stucco panels & Mira-tec trim.  The customer did not replace the overhangs ( fascia, soffit, & frieze )

James Hardie fiber cement smooth panel Cincinnati Ohio

James Hardie Fiber Cement Smooth Panels.  Factory painted.  Located in Cincinnati, Ohio off Vine Str.   We installed no trim around panels, only caulking & flashing keep this job water tight.

James Hardie fiber cement stucco panel English Tudor Cincinnati Ohio

English Tudor Condo homes.  James Hardie Stucco panels, Maxi brand fiber cement soffits, & mira-tec trim.  Located in Colerain, Ohio near Cincinnati.

English Tudor Condo Homes, Cincinnati Ohio, James Hardie Stucco

English Tudor Condo homes.  1 of 24 buildings located in the Colerain, Ohio area.

Board & batton Cedar panel home, Dayton Ohio, Contractors

Board & baton home with Cedar texture panels & Mira-tec trim boards.  Vinyl soffits. We installed front door, all siding, gutters, & roofing. BEFORE PICTURE BELOW!

BEFORE PICTURE, Dayton Ohio Contractors, Not English Tudor Home

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Informative sites describing the English Tudor history;

Installing Fiber Cement Siding for our Cincinnati & Dayton Ohio Contractors & Customers

Fiber cement panel siding ( James Hardie & Certainteed ) is installed over a wall with solid wood sheathing.  Nailing methods, cutting techniques, solo installation ideas, and boards with patterns are discussed but vary between Cincinnati & Dayton Ohio Contractors / Installers.

This English Tudor fiber cement panel ( James Hardie & Certainteed ) siding installation explanation is helpful for Cincinnati & Dayton Ohio Contractors & Customers to understand the fiber cement siding replacement process of replacing old wood siding and trim with Low-Maintenance Fiber Cement Siding Materials.

To Start:

Before new fiber cement siding board( James Hardie or Certainteed ) is hung the contractors / installer prep work must be accomplished after the home old siding is torn off.  The Cincinnati & Dayton Ohio installer / contractor must ensure all nails and debris are removed leaving a smooth flat surface for the fiber cement siding to rest upon.  Water damaged areas must be replaced. Over top of the hard panel sheathing a water barrier must be installer around the home.  Generally Cincinnati & Dayton Ohio contractors will use Tyvek or a Lowes water proofing wrap.  This protective sheet is taped around windows & on all vertical seams by our cincinnati & dayton ohio contractors.  Begin hanging fiber cement siding at the lowest point of a home.

The first step: Starter Strip

Our Cincinnati & Dayton Ohio contractors / installers install a narrow scrap of fiber cement board siding ( James Hardie or Certainteed ) so the first piece of lap fiber cement board siding resembles other lap fiber cement siding planks when installed.  This is necessary, because each piece of lap fiber cement siding overlaps the piece below... but the first piece of fiber cement siding needs what Cincinnati & Dayton Ohio Contractors / installers call a “Starter Strip.”

Cutting Fiber Cement board Siding ( James Hardie & Certainteed ):

There are two practical ways of cutting fiber cement board stucco siding used by our Cincinnati & Dayton Ohio contractors / installer : Power shears and circular saws.  Shears make very little dust, and are very portable. Shears are important to Cincinnati & Dayton Ohio contractors / installer while working on scaffolding.  Circular saws use a 7¼" carbide-tipped blade specially designed for cutting fiber cement siding products( James Hardie & Certainteed ).   I, along with my Cincinnati & Dayton Ohio contractors / installers, have cut wood with this fiber cement siding blade but it doesn't work well & is not recommended.   Like cutting lumber, simply use a speed square as a cutting guide.  But... cutting fiber cement siding is slower than cutting wood, and makes a lot of noise, so Cincinnati & Dayton Ohio contractors /installer hearing protection is NECESSARY.  So is eye protection. The saws dust collector catches the majority of the dust, but some escapes, so cutting fiber cement stucco siding ( James Hardie & Certainteed ) indoors would be a bad idea & not recommended for any of our Cincinnati & Dayton Ohio contractors / installers.

One advantage of the circular saw is that Cincinnati & Dayton Ohio contractors / installer can gang-cut several fiber cement board siding planks at once.   I've cut as many as 6 boards, but the cut edges were not as straight when cutting multiple layers. I found it easier and more accurate to just cut one fiber cement siding board at a time which is what I insist our Cincinnati & Dayton Ohio contractors / installers do today.  Using a regular wood blade circular saw to cut fiber cement siding is not a good idea because it generates excessive dust and ordinary carbide blades don't last long.  There is a special polycrystalline diamond blade made by Hitachi that works great but is very expensive so Cincinnati & Dayton Ohio contractors / installers set the saws depth gauge & never cut any material other than fiber cement stucco siding or trim products.

In a pinch a jigsaw could be used to cut fiber cement board stucco siding, as long as the blade is carbide-coated. This does work well for small notches and special shapes, but Cincinnati & Dayton Ohio contractors or installer it's slow.

The first row of fiber cement board siding ( James Hardie & Certanteed ) must overlap the foundation or brick by two inches, leveled and nailed in place.  The second row of fiber cement board siding ( James Hardie or Certainteed ) has to be held with the correct amount of exposure. An 8-¼” board has a 7” exposure. Always a 1-¼” over lap.

Siding Exposure ( James Hardie & Certainteed ):

The distance between the bottoms of adjacent rows of fiber cement board siding is called the exposure. Cincinnati & Dayton Ohio Contractors / installer also call this the reveal. The original siding reveal on any house can be adjusted.  The important thing is to keep the fiber cement siding exposure consistent around the home.  Attention to detail is a must for all Cincinnati & Dayton Ohio contractors / installers, otherwise poor craftsmanship will be seen near the soffit where the last boards the Cincinnati & Dayton Ohio contractor / installer hangs,  the fiber cement sidings ( James Hardie & Certainteed ) reveal will vary.

Hardiplank® ( James Hardie, Certainteed, Maxi-tile fiber cement siding) siding comes in various widths.   All fiber cement board siding manufactures ( James Hardie , Certainteed, & Maxi-Tile ) contractor / installer instructions insist on a overlap of 1¼", the narrowest fiber cement siding has a maximum exposure of 4 inches and the largest siding exposure is 10-¾”.

When the decision is being made to replaced your existing siding board remember that the Cincinnati & Dayton Ohio contractor / installer can replace siding one wall at a time.  The new fiber cement board siding ( James Hardie & Certainteed ) will not match old cedar siding but the replacement costs could then be spread over a couple years if needed.  The decision to use Hardiplank (James Hardie, Certainteed, Maxi-tile fiber cement siding) for a lap siding remodel makes more sense economically because it costs less than the beveled cedar lap & requires less Cincinnati & Dayton Ohio contractors / installers painting. The fiber cement board siding industry standard on paint warranties is 15 to 25 years due to the factory controlled climate during the painting process & the high quality material paint is being applied to.

Precision Exposure ( James Hardie & Certainteed ):

Our Cincinnati & Dayton Ohio installers / contractors use measure sticks manufactured for each lap siding reveal available.  Fiber cement board siding ( James Hardie & Certainteed ) exposure consistency is a must for a quality looking fiber cement lap siding installation by all Cincinnati & Dayton Ohio contractors / installers.

1. Set a piece of fiber cement board siding in place

2. Use the reveal spacer stick to get the siding board in the right position

3. Make sure there is a small gap at each end of the siding board

4. Nail the lap siding board with a nailing gun.

Nailing Fiber Cement board stucco panel siding ( James Hardie & Certainteed ):

Hardiplank siding ( James Hardie, Certainteed, Maxi-tile fiber cement siding) can be blind nailed (where the nails are hidden by the siding) or face nailed in the siding.  Our Cincinnati & Dayton Ohio contractors / installer blind nail the fiber cement siding and face nail any loose siding with hot dipped galvanized ring shanked nails into the studs thru the top 1" of the fiber cement stucco panel siding board.

Cincinnati & Dayton Ohio Contractors / installers ; This solo fiber cement siding installation procedure (for a "right justified" board) is:  Slip the left-hand end of the siding board into the buddy hanger, allowing the siding to sit in the notch.  Hold the right-hand end of the siding in position with the stick.  Contractors / installers make sure there is a small gap at the end of the siding where it meets the corner trim.  Cincinnati & Dayton Ohio Contractors / installers drive one nail to hold the right end of the siding board.   Cincinnati & Dayton Ohio Contractors go to the middle of the fiber cement siding board, support it with the spacer stick to get the proper exposure.  Cincinnati & Dayton Ohio Contractors / installer nail the siding board from the middle back towards the right-hand end, driving the nails into studs.  Contractors go back to the middle, and work your way towards the left-hand end, nailing as you move along and always using the spacer stick to ensure proper exposure. The left half of the siding board will sag a bit until it is completely nailed.   Cincinnati & Dayton Ohio Contractors / installers do not nail the fiber cement siding near the seam until you have installed a coated aluminum water diverter behind it. That final nail in the fiber cement siding will help hold the diverter in place until the next fiber cement siding board is installer. Contractors / installers, Of course the next row of fiber cement siding ( James Hardie & Certainteed ) would be "left justified", with the full 12 foot fiber cement siding board being installed against the left-hand edge of the wall.  Cincinnati & Dayton Ohio Contractor / installer the seams between boards are staggered every 16“.   Cincinnati & Dayton Ohio Contractors / installer after the second row of fiber cement siding is installed the other rows of fiber cement siding go up quickly even for rookie contractors.  English Tudor Home Installation. Tuder todor twoder tewdur tewdor twodor twodor tewder

Fiber cement siding ( James Hardie & Certainteed ) boards are 12 feet long & all Cincinnati & Dayton Ohio contractors / installers must carry fiber cement siding horizontal & on edge.

Nail Type: ( James Hardie & Certainteed )

James Hardie & Certainteed Building Products recommend to all Cincinnati & Dayton Ohio Contractors / installers the use of hot-dipped galvanized nails.  Their fiber cement siding installation instructions state that electro-galvanized nails are acceptable but may exhibit premature corrosion.  All Cincinnati & Dayton Ohio contractors / installers should use hot dipped galvanized nails on all fiber cement siding installation as we insist all our Cincinnati & Dayton Ohio Contractors / installers do on all James Hardie & Certainteed materials

The fiber cement siding ( James Hardie & Certainteed ) boards under windows generally need to be notched at the edges of the fiber cement siding.   After the fiber cement siding is installed the Cincinnati & Dayton Ohio contractor / contractors use caulking to seal the gap around the window.   With a big window cut out a fiber cement siding board ( James Hardie or Certainteed ) is quite fragile and Cincinnati & Dayton Ohio contractors / installers need to handle it carefully.  When going under or over windows or doors a full piece of fiber cement siding is recommended.

Once the Cincinnati & Dayton Ohio siding installer  / contractor reaches the top of a wall the last piece of fiber cement siding is face nailed with 15gauge finish nail.  When a frieze board is present the fiber cement siding is caulked along the top edge joining the frieze & fiber cement siding board together.  If the soffit is vinyl then the Cincinnati & Dayton Ohio contractors / installers will run the lap siding beyond the soffit area first & attach the J-channel thru the fiber cement lap siding.

Fiber cement trim ( James Hardie & Certainteed ) boards do not get miter cuts unless absolutely necessary.  The thinner a piece of concrete the easier it breaks. Trim boards are butt together during installation.  English Tudor Home Installation.  Tuder todor twoder tewdur tewdor twodor twodor tewder

Cutting Siding With Angled Ends: ( James Hardie & Certainteed )

With a 45 degree angle, Cincinnati & Dayton Ohio contractors / installer could use a speed square to quickly lay out a cut on siding.   Making angled cuts on fiber cement siding with a circular saw is just like making cuts in wood.  A little practice and a steady siding hand help Cincinnati & Dayton Ohio contractors / installers quality a lot.  Figuring out what length to cut the fiber cement siding is the tricky part.  The Cincinnati & Dayton Ohio contractors / installers approach is to draw a line on the fiber cement siding board that represents the bottom of the next piece of siding.  To draw this line use the spacer stick and a pencil to scribe parallel to the bottom of the previous piece of siding.  Then our Cincinnati & Dayton Ohio contractors / installers can just measure to that line and it will tell the Cincinnati & Dayton Ohio contractor / installers the siding length needed.  Since the angle of a roof generally stays the same each  fiber cement siding board will be shorter than the previous fiber cement siding board by the amount of exposure. English Tudor Home Installation.  Tuder todor twoder tewdur tewdor twodor twodor tewder

Face Nailing The Loose Spots: ( James Hardie & Certainteed )

Our Cincinnati & Dayton Ohio contractors / installers will occasionally add some extra nails after the fiber cement siding is installed.  This could wait until the siding installation is complete, or the Cincinnati & Dayton Ohio installer / contractor could do it as the fiber cement stucco panel siding is put up.  The Cincinnati & Dayton Ohio installer / contractors will face-nail loose fiber cement stucco panel siding boards before moving equipment.

Fiber Cement Siding, (Hardiplank , James Hardie ) is available in several styles, such as rough sawn wood texture, smooth, & stucco panels.  English Tudor Home Installation.  Tuder todor twoder tewdur tewdor twodor twodor tewder

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